Page Layouts in 10 Minutes or Less

The official topic for my blog today is “Naked Pages.”  I toyed with several titles for this post…

  • Let’s Get Naked!
  • Scrapbook Skinny-dipping
  • The Stripped-down Scrapper

In the end, I went with something less provocative, yet still designed to get your attention. (Did it work?)

Today I will share with you several layouts which you can whip together in a few minutes. Even lovers of stickers, 3-D elements, glitter and multi-layered photo mats need a creative break sometimes, and just need to get some pages finished! Think of these ideas like the recipes you see online with only four or five ingredients. Continue reading Page Layouts in 10 Minutes or Less

A Valentine Blog Hop!

Have you been bitten by the love bug yet? If not, it won’t be long! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and our Content Contributors have put together yet another smashing blog hop to inspire creations just in time for the day that celebrates love like no other.

Before we send you hopping along your way, we thought we’d share a quick, fun way to wrap some sweet little Valentines (shown above). Simply wrap them with your favorite scrapbook paper (we chose the Watercolor Love Paper Pack), then add some fun bling using trimmed decor from the sheet of decorative panels in the paper pack, or from the Watercolor Love Embellishments (complete with sparkly heart-shaped bling -yum!). Click to read full post

Project Idea: Be My Valentine Page Layout

Oh, so sweet and cute to boot! This brother & sister duo are inseparable, and destined to be each other’s perfect valentine.

Designer Melissa Ullmann put a fun spin on the border she punched using the Heart Chain Border Maker Cartridge – after she punched a “chain” of heart circles, she then snipped between each heart to make them “bendable” to fit around the outside of a flower! How fun & cute are they?

To create these pages, you’ll need:

Step 1: Cut a piece of 12” x 12” pink patterned paper into two pieces, one measuring 4” wide, and the other 8” wide. Adhere the piece that is 4 inches wide to the left page of the spread, and the piece that is 8 inches wide to the right page of the spread as shown.

Step 2: Cut four pieces from plaid patterned paper to measure 4-1/2” x 6-1/2”. Adhere to the spread as shown. Adhere photos to 3 of these mats as shown.

Step 3: Cut out the title block from the paper saying “Will You Be My Valentine?”. Adhere to the plaid mat on the left page.

Step 4: Cut two of the ribbon/banner die cuts in half. Adhere to the upper right and left sides of the spread, on the edges of the paper mats as shown.

To create flowers:

FlowerCloseUpStep 1: Using the Custom Cutting System withmat, cut out a circle using the inside of the large circle pattern with the green blade from cardstock.

Step 2: Using the heart border maker cartridge, punch a strip from the desired patterned paper.  Cut slits in between each heart with a scissors. Adhere around the outer edge of the circle with a mini tape runner.

Step 3: Cut the inside smaller circle from patterned paper using the inside of the medium circle with the green blade.  Adhere to the center of the flower using foam squares.

Step 4: Cut a strip from brown cardstock to measure ¾” wide, by the height desired.  Create the leaves by using the inside of the large CCS-circle with the red blade, cutting one side, then moving the circle to cross over the previous cut so that when your next cut is made, it creates a leaf shape.  Adhere leaves to the stems using foam squares.

Step 5: Add heart die cut shapes and gems to the centers of the flowers.

Step 6: Adhere flowers to the spread.