Photo Tips: Back2School

Back to school is a milestone every year in our house and doesn’t go by without photos each year.  It is fun to find creative ways to document this time of year in photos.  I am going to share some ways I have done this over the years with our children.

Individual Shots

It is always important to get one portrait photo of your child or children.  I like to get a head shot as well as a full head to toe photo to show the new outfit and backpack.  I am not a big back to school clothing shopper, but I do try to get them a new outfit for the first day.

It is so fun to look from year to year at the different style and trend changes.

Supplies and Backpacks

I have taken photos of the supplies and backpacks over the years.  The supplies in elementary school are so bright and colourful so it is a fun shot.

Grant is so excited to start school every year!

Walk to School

Our children walk to elementary school as we live very close to the school so I like to get a photo of them walking to school on the first day.

First Time Taking the School Bus

Putting your child on the school bus for the first time can be emotional for a parent.  Marking this moment with a photo is important!

Our children didn’t take the school bus until they entered junior high school.  Mom showing up with her camera at the bus stop was not cool so I didn’t get any posed photos.  The photos I have were either taken from the car or from a distance.


I love getting our children together for a photo on the first day of school.  It shows their size comparison and the difference in their ages.

It also shows the love and relationship they have with each other.

These are a collection of fun photos I have taken on the first day of school over the last few years.   I take the same photo on the last day of school to compare how much the children have grown over the school year.

4 x6 landscape - Page 003

Parents and Grandparents

Photographing close relationships our children have with parents and grandparents is important as it gives our children a feeling of self worth and loved.  So getting those photos are a great gift to our children.


Being reunited with classmates after the summer is great to capture on camera.  So fun to look back on who elementary friends are and how they grow and change over the years.


If the school or teacher permits getting a photo in the classroom don’t miss out on that!  There is such a small window of time that our children will allow us to photograph them in these situations so take advantage!


If you are looking for some different photos to grab on the first day of school I want to share my  photo shoot with my son Grant.

Grant is great sport when I want to do some fun stuff with my camera!

Last Day of Vacation

One photo we sometimes forget to take is the last of something because we don’t know when the last is the last.  One thing we do know is, when it is the last day of summer vacation.  It is fun to capture the memory of what was happening on that day.


Mom or Dad Time

After the children are dropped at the bus stop or at school, schedule some time for YOU!


I can’t believe this was my last year that all three children will be in public school.

Capture those special moments because the years fly by so quickly!


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