Meet Us Monday: Marnie Beltz

Hello! My name is Marnie Beltz and I head up CM’s Marketing/Communications, Advisor support/Customer Service. My journey with CM started in March of 2000, when I signed on to create the Creative Memories website. In a few months we took it from three pages to 150 featuring products, ideas and more. From there I had the privilege of spearheading a variety of projects and departments over the years, including creating Persona Imprinting and leading Branding, Digital, Business Development, Research and Communications.

We were deep in the pain of winding down the former business when Caleb asked if I would help design the Advisor compensation plan for the new CM. What a joy it was to work on building something new, fresh and simple. We took lessons from the industry and the past but our focus was on the future, Advisor profitability and long term sustainability. Having a group of committed Advisors as part of the process was priceless.

To work alongside such high caliber, deeply good people like the Advisors who weighed in, Caleb, Mark, Shari (and more of the team members you’ll be meeting as we go) to design and build this business, then seeing Advisors and customers loving the results has been one of my most gratifying professional experiences. Additions to the team like John and Diane make me even more excited about the future as we continue to grow.

Outside of work, my favorite thing to do is spend time with husband BJ, son Connor (a Senior this year) and our beloved animals, Mandy (deaf), Belle (blind), Obi (a doofus) and Louis the cat.  BJ & I met in Alaska several decades ago and though we moved to Minnesota (I needed seasons after growing up in AK), he still works there two weeks on and two weeks off, so I am a part-time single mom. We’re a hockey family, and last year made a big move into town so Connor could be part of a better school and hockey program. It paid off and his team made the MN State HS Hockey Tournament, a bucket list goal for him – and a ‘big darn deal’ if you know anything about the State of Hockey. 😉

In whatever free time that’s left I love spending time with friends and traveling. Am also a big reader and love adrenaline of any kind, so am looking forward to doing more driving fast, rollercoasters and skydiving as an empty nester.

IMG_0914 Connor & Marnie in Wisconsin


BJ & Marnie sailing off the coast of Maine


Connor on the Jumbotron at the Xcel Energy Center

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