Meet Us Monday: Alison Dutton

I can track my love for paper and photography back to high school, when I joined the yearbook staff at East Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina. Digital photography was in its beginning stages and most of our page layouts were still created like a scrapbook, cropping printed photos and laying out pages to mail into the yearbook company to print.

From Left: Diane Lampert, me and Melissa Ullmann with my first Project Recipe.

In college, I found myself jumping into yearbook again and upon graduation, I decided that I wanted to work in print production for a company that loved great design and had fantastic quality. I ended up moving to upstate New York to work for Mohawk paper, a family-owned company and leader in fine papers.

At Mohawk, I worked above an active paper machine, feeling the hum (and occasional thunk) of the paper making process. I had the pleasure of learning print production from the most talented paper experts in the industry and was lucky enough to fly around the US to print Mohawk paper promotions for offset and digital papers.

I then moved on to Pinhole Press, where I caught the entrepreneurial bug and learned how to grow a brand from scratch and mix high-quality Mohawk paper with photography and on-demand printing to create personalized photo gifts. After being with Pinhole Press for five years, my husband and I moved to Minneapolis from upstate New York when he transitioned from a career in mechanical engineering to a career in professional brewing. (Cheers!)

In August, I joined the marketing team at Creative Memories and feel as if I’ve come full circle. After all, isn’t making a yearbook kind of like making a scrapbook for your entire school?

As I write this post, I just finished my first Croptoberfest event in Medina, Minnesota hosted by advisor Mona Woodard. Thank you for a great day! I learned how to create my first Project Recipe and scrapbook layout (pictured above) with Diane Lampert and Melissa Ullmann. I also learned how welcoming and supportive the Creative Memories team is to newcomers. I thank you for the warm welcome and look forward to making many more pages!

When I’m not busy in the world of paper, photography and printing, I’m usually swimming, biking or running. I also stay busy with my two dogs, Willow and Nitro, and of course, can be found exploring Minnesota with my husband, Chase.

Me and my husband at one of my triathlons this past summer in Winona, Minnesota.

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