Challenge 4- Creative Memories March Virtual Crop

We know that you all love a great sketch.

Sketches have so much life in them.  Use different collections each time, and you are sure to have endless possibilities.  You can also rotate the sketch right or left, and get a whole new take on it.

Sketches are created as a “jumping off” point for you.  They can be interpreted exactly or very loosely.  There are not measurements, so you can make it yours.

CHALLENGE #4: Create a spread using this sketch as your inspiration, incorporating one of the following pinwheel techniques to your spread!  When you are done, take a quick photo and post it to the event page before 5:00 pm CST to qualify for the prize.


Use hashtag #CMVirtualCrop.


Kelly uses traditional pinwheels and shows you not only how you can layer two of them together, but also how you can layer them with flower shapes.

Created by Kelly Batten-  CM Australia Home Office
  • Cranberry Cardstock  US  CA  AUS
  • Woodland Whimsy Girl Paper  US  CA  AUS
  • Woodland Whimsy Girl Variety Mat Pack  US  CA  AUS
  • Woodland Whimsy Embellishments  US  CA  AUS
  • Daisy Punch  US  CA  AUS
  • Border Maker System and Scallop Dot Border Maker Cartridge  US  CA  AUS
  • Scissors  US  CA  AUS
  • Tape Runner  US  CA  AUS
  • Foam Squares  US  CA  AUS



Cut a square of paper, fold diagonally. Cut approximately 2/3 along each fold. Add Tape Runner on one side of each point and fold it into the centre.

Marja shows us how to create pinwheels by layering and angling squares–rotating between pattern and cardstock squares.

Created by Marja Deeth- CM Canada Home Office

To create this spread you will need:


Beth creates a digital layout for us using a pinwheel embellishment.

Created by Beth Thomander- Canada

Make sure to take a photo of your spread, and share it to the Facebook Event Page to qualify for the prize by 5:00 pm CST.

Facebook Event Page

The next challenge will be posted on the page at 5:00 pm CST.

Future Virtual Crops:

May 6th  National Scrapbook Day

September 16

November 11

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