For this, I am Thankful 6×6 Mini Album

You are going to love how simple this 6×6 mini album is to make!!  I always have a few plain albums on hand when I just feel like playing with gorgeous paper!

September 23 Pics 557

For this project you will need:


Gather all your glorious goodies!

CSC Mini

Step One:

Trim your 3 sheets of Goldenrod Cardstock to the following:

  • 1 – 6×12 (will need scoring – see details below)
  • 3 – 5 3/4 x 12 (will need scoring – see details below)
  • 2 – 6×6

Score the 6 x 12 at the 3, 3 3/8, and 9 1/8, 9.5 inch mark on your trimmer using the multipurpose tool. There will be four score lines on this sheet.

Score the 3 sheets of 5 3/4 x 12 at the 3 and 9 inch mark on your trimmer using the multi purpose tool. Each sheet will have two score lines.


Once the scoring is complete, fold along score lines.  This is what you will end up with.

September 23 Pics 549

Now take the 6×12 sheet with the 4 score lines and the two 6 x 6 sheets.  These three items make the cover of your mini album.

September 23 Pics 550

Add adhesive to the 6×12 sheet on the flaps.  Be sure to only add adhesive to the three sides as shown.  This will create pockets for pictures or mats.

September 23 Pics 552

The top of the last photo shows the end result for the cover.

The bottom shows how to adhere the pages together.  These are the 5 3/4 x 12 sheets with the score lines at 3 and 9.  You only need to adhere one flap on the left of the middle page and one flap on the right of the middle page. Your disassembled album will look like this.

September 23 Pics 553

September 23 Pics 554

Add adhesive to the back of the center panel of the page side, and adhere to the middle of the cover side.  Be sure to leave the same amount of space on all sides when adhering. This is what the actual plain album looks like.  Fairly easy right?  Once you get one done, pratice it again – have a few of these on hand in any color cardstock.

September 23 Pics 555

Now, let the fun begin!!

I always measure twice and cut once.  With this album, you can decorate while it is apart or you can decorate while its together.  It really is your choice.  I usually decorate when its all together because I have my stash. But now that I am thinking about it, I can have everything almost assembled and maybe paper clip it all together!

I used the Countryside Comfort paper, Countryside vellum, Countryside mat pack and the Countryside stickers to complete the pages.

September 23 Pics 562

September 23 Pics 559

September 23 Pics 561

The possibilities are endless with this album, can you imagine the pumpkins from the border maker and pumpkin cartridge attached to the fences.  Add more borders or pockets to the first and third pages. Add waterfall flaps to one of the pages.

I hope you get time to make a mini album for yourself soon.

Happy Crafting!!

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One thought on “For this, I am Thankful 6×6 Mini Album

  1. Oh dear Lord – lover this but for the life of me not figuring out putting together properly – any chance there is a video tutorial – help please andvthx


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