Weekly Sketch Round-Up Sept. 24-28

How’s this for a Sunday treat — it’s time for the Weekly Sketch Round-Up! We posted four new sketches on our Instagram account (@CreativeMemories) over the past week, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Do you plan on trying these sketches out? If you do, post a picture of the finished product and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #CreativeMemoriesSketches. We’d love to see what you’re able to come up with!

Sketch #1

sun-kissed-scrapbook-sketch-creative-memories     sun-kissed-sketch-layout-final-creative-memories1

Sketch #2

GatherTogether_Sketch_1080x1080     GatherTogether_Sketch_Layout_1080x1080

Sketch #3

GarlandBMC_Border_2_Sketch_square   GarlandBMC_Border_2_square

Sketch #4

Gather-Together-Sketch-Left-Creative-Memories (1)    Gather-Together-Sketch-Right-Creative-Memories (1)

Gather-Together-Sketch-Layout-Left-Creative-Memories     Gather-Together-Sketch-Layout-Right-Creative-Memories (1)

Comment below and tell us which one of these sketches if your favorite!

P.S. — If you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram (@CreativeMemories) so that you don’t miss any future sketches! You never know where your next jolt of inspiration will come from!

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