Scariest Things for Scrapbookers

Happy Halloween! Today is all about the celebrating the things that spook us, and for many people, that list goes from ghosts and spiders to superstitions and bad luck. But, scrapbookers have an entirely separate list of fears, and while it’s unlikely that anybody will be dressed up as these things tonight, they’re still frightening enough to make your heart rate go up. Check out this list of the scariest things that a scrapbooker hopes never to encounter!

WARNING: If you’re a diehard scrapbooker, you might want to read this one with the lights on. 


It happens in the blink of an eye. You’re handling cardstock or designer paper like you have countless times before, but suddenly one of the sheets rubs you the wrong way and you feel a sharp pain in your hand. You look down at the small slice in your skin… Don’t bleed, please don’t bleednot by my paper! But alas, you see the dreaded first tiny drop of blood spill out and gloomily realize your fate: you’ll need to spend the rest of your cropping time today having your crafty, creative fingers hindered by… a band aid. Awful, isn’t it?! But, you are a crop warrior and can create with the best of them despite your stingy setback!


Your hands are aching and your eyelids are drooping, but you’ve done it—your marathon day of cropping is done. You’ve spent hours skillfully creating pages for your loved ones, and you’ve finally got a table full of finished layouts that you’re proud of and can’t wait to put into album covers.

What you don’t see…that half-filled cup of coffee that was giving you energy and refreshment during your scrap-a-thon. You’re busy clearing scraps when you hear a soft clink!

What’s that? you wonder with a feeling of unexplainable dread…and suddenly it clicks. A spilled drink!!! You let out a blood-curdling gasp (maybe not really a thing, but you know the sound!) and your instincts take over. You fly across the table – hands outstretched like a wide receiver – and in one moment of supernatural speed and coordination, you manage to save all the layouts from the ominously impending coffee lava. Nightmare contained! 


You’re enjoying a cup of coffee—that’s right, you haven’t given up coffee even after the great spill-on-the-craft-table debacle—with a new friend when she mentions her love of scrapbooking.

Show me your albums! you exclaim, eagerly anticipating seeing the beautiful, hand-crafted layouts you imagine. She jumps off the couch and grabs one from the bookshelf, and when you see the spine of the album your stomach drops, a sense of anxiety overcoming you. But as she sits beside you and opens the album you see that yes, she did—a peel-n-stick album! Your heart is racing and you can hardly focus on the special moments. After what feels like an eternity of biting your tongue to keep from screaming Your photos are in danger!, she closes the album. You congratulate her on her love of memories, then invite her to your house for coffee so you can show her your albums…a bubbling cauldron of ideas in your mind, anticipating your next get-together and how you’ll introduce her to your photo-safe products. To be continued…


It’s the perfect day of cropping and you’re in the zone—your pages are coming together beautifully and the rest of the world seems to have melted away. You’re almost done with your final layout of the day and you’ve envisioned exactly how it will look when it’s completed… you only need to add one more sticker. Confidently, you extend your arm—without lifting your eyes from the Foam Squares you’re eagerly pulling—and reach for the sticker sheet. But when your fingers brush against it, they’re met with something slippery, almost wax paper-ish. Something’s not right…you’re completely out of coordinating stickers! Chills run down your spine as you wrack your brain… Who do I know around here who has purchased this collection?! Distressed, you flee from your craft cave to find your cell and start flipping through contacts faster than kids eating Halloween candy. Out of the blue, you get a text from one of your scrapbooking friends. Is everything okay? she asks, I just got this eerie feeling that something is wrong. You pause—stunned—and then let out an unearthly cackle of delight. SHE has this collection!!! Without haste, you share and wait for her response, fingers crossed and holding your breath, just hoping she still has that sticker (and is willing to give it to you). The seconds feel like hours, and you’ve started to give up hope when your phone dings. Sure, I’ve got that sticker!  Whewww.

So, there you have it—some of the “scariest” things for scrapbookers…  hopefully this post didn’t scare you out of your socks! What are your scariest (but funny) scrapbooking moments? Comment below!

4 thoughts on “Scariest Things for Scrapbookers

  1. What a list of funny scrapbooking spooky stories! One of my scariest moments was when I had finished a page, the staples were on the wrong side!


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