Show Off Your Athlete with the Fanatic Sports Scrapbook Layout

With the number of sports and activities available to kids these days, many parents and grandparents never see an off-season. It’s easy to take all of these sports memories for granted, but the days of youth and pee-wee sports fly by, which is why it’s important to commemorate these moments as they happen. If you have an abundance of photos and are looking for sports scrapbook ideas, check out the Fanatic sports-themed scrapbook layout that blog contributor Mati made to show off her kid’s athletic achievements!

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Celebrate Outdoor Fun with the Fanatic Outdoor Scrapbook Layout

In today’s increasingly electronic and screen-centric world, fun times spent outdoors are becoming more valuable than ever before. Many people like to spend their free time doing things such as grilling, camping, tailgating or even just hanging out in the great outdoors. The Fanatic collection is meant to celebrate sports AND all these special moments spent outdoors, and the multitude of themes and papers make it versatile enough to work for whatever your hobby is. Today we’ve got a fun layout to help you commemorate these moments and is the backdrop you need to bring all of your outdoor scrapbook ideas to life… let’s take a look!

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#FeatureFriday – The Fanatic Sports Scrapbook Collection & Home Office Memories

The Fanatic collection is the dream of both sports- and scrapbook-lovers combined. It doesn’t matter how big of a fan you are — anyone can enjoy this sports and tailgate themed scrapbook collection. But, how did we go about designing it? And what was the inspiration that went into creating it? We sat down with Product Designer Tara to get the details, and also talked with some of our Home Office staff to figure out how their sports memories and experiences played into the production of this sports-themed scrapbook collection.

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Show Team Spirit With the Fanatic Tailgate Scrapbook Layout

It’s the beginning of the last month of summer, which means that fall sports and tailgating season are just around the corner! Whether you’re an avid fan who loves to support your team or you’re looking to spend time with good friends or you just love grilled food, tailgating before the game or grilling in the backyard with the game on TV are great ways to make awesome memories. When it comes time to showcase these memories, the new Fanatic collection offers an endless amount of potential sports scrapbook layout ideas. Read on to learn how to create a Fanatic gameday scrapbook layout that will make you excited for fall sports and the tailgating season.

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6 Free Wallpapers – Bookworm & Go! Fight! Win!

It’s that time again… Back to school! To celebrate the upcoming school year and sport seasons, we are giving you DOUBLE the wallpapers. That means 6 FREE cellphone wallpapers… SCORE! Now you can enjoy both of these fun collections in your scrapbooks and in your pocket.

Download your favorites below, and if you don’t see your phone listed in the options, try on a size and see if it fits. We bet that you’ll find one that works.

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Winning Sports Borders

Whether you play the game or cheer in the stands, sports of all kinds offer some of the most exhilarating moments of our lives! Capture all the excitement of game day by snapping pics of the action, the players and teams. Try to include wide shots of the venue and close-ups of determined and focused faces. Add programs & ticket stubs, and journal all the highlights. Then pull it all together on your page layout with some action-inspiring borders.

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Go Fight Win Digital Layouts

So many sports featured all in one collection!  Go Fight Win is perfect with all of the sports that are played in our home!  I can use almost all of them with my three children’s activities!  I have used baseball and golf in this post to share some ideas.

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It’s Game Day!

Hi everybody! It’s almost that time of year when the little man starts up soccer again. I just received an email reminder to  register him and I am getting excited! I love watching him play with his friends out on the field. It is such a joy to see him having such a great time playing outside and not on the computer.

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Go for the Grid with Go! Fight! Win!

It’s almost time for Friday Night Lights!  I have to say–I honestly miss sitting on the bleachers each and every Friday night.  It was a ritual, and each and every week I took my camera along with me.  You just never know what shot or accomplishment you might miss if you don’t have it.  If you are like me, you take hundreds of photos of your kids playing sports.

Sports photos tend to get a little busy, with a lot going on in them.  I was trying to find a way to showcase the many photos on my layout, but not making it a clustered mess.  Then it dawned on me—CLEAN lines.  So, I went with the grid concept.

Not only is this grid layout great for sports, but any other occasion that you have many photos from.  A family event, perhaps?  We would love to see your grid layout on social media by using #creativememories.

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