3 Misconceptions of Direct Sales

There are a lot of commonly held beliefs about direct sales businesses (maybe based on people’s memories of those ‘household names’ that started decades ago). But today’s modern social selling companies, like the new Creative Memories, are breaking the old rules and seeing tremendous success because of it. Here are the NEW truths behind 3 common misconceptions…

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Insider View: Earn Extra Income As a Creative Memories Advisor!

Love to network, share memories and looking for a second income as a side hustle? Become a Creative Memories Advisor! If you’re familiar with direct sales and social selling, you’ve probably heard a lot about “Career Plans,” which are often crazy-complicated. So what about our plan?

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Scrapbooking… It’s Good for Your Health!

Did you know that scrapbooking is good for your health? Really, it is! Creative Memories Advisors have long described what they do as “therapy,” “my happy place,” “what I do for me” and “my fun job.” It turns out that latest news in neuroscience backs up what they’ve known all along!

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Creative Memories Scrapbooking Company Thriving in 2018!


It’s been three years since the Direct Selling News first interviewed Creative Memories’ then-new owner, Caleb Hayhoe, about his decision to resurrect the Creative Memories brand and scrapbooking products and create a never-before-seen direct sales and social selling earnings plan.

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World Card Making Day

Today is the day that we celebrate cards!

Making cards can be so rewarding.  It not only fulfills a creative void, but also puts smiles on the faces of those who receive such beautiful pieces of creativeness.

Cards do not have to be a work of art, but rather a work of heart.

We would love to help with your card-making.  A simple sketch is sometimes all one needs to get the creative juices flowing.

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Meet Us Monday: Tara Dickinson

Tara Dickinson is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer for Creative Memories, beer snob, kitty lover and can eat more pancakes and pizza in one sitting than you can imagine. 

Going into her second semester at St. Cloud State University in 2007 Tara decided to make a seemingly impractical career choice and pursue a BFA in graphic arts. Her talents got her in the door with an internship in her final semester of college with CM. She was then officially hired on as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator in the spring of 2011. She then stayed on board until 2013. After that Tara went on to work a short stint in Advertising. The agency was a great experience and she was able to expand her knowledge and skills, but she missed the creative freedom from her former illustrative job. Luckily for her she got an early Christmas gift and was called back to work for Creative Memories mid December of 2015. 

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Meet Us Monday: Andrea Stransky

Hi All –

My name is Andrea Stransky and I have spent the last 10 years working at CM.  I started off in a temporary position in the Digital Customer Service Department helping with the Digital Center and software.  A short time later, I was offered a permanent position in the Consultant Services Department.  From there, I became a Trainer for other CSR’s helping them to deliver excellent service to all of our Consultants and Customers.  Like many of you, I have been alongside CM throughout the many changes over the years.  I took, what I like to call, a 6-month “vacation” from CM as Ahni & Zoe was shutting down.  I enrolled back into college to finish my degree in Business Management.

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Meet Us Monday: Dan Perlinger

Hey all!

My name is Dan Perlinger, and I am the Operations Team Lead for Creative Memories.


I joined the company in March 1995 and my first duties were picking and packing orders in the shipping department on 2nd shift.  Being raised on a farm in rural Minnesota, it was easier work than picking rock or baling hay and the hours fit perfectly into my class schedule at Saint Cloud State University.  After 2 ½ months we added a 3rd shift in shipping and I was approached to be a Team Lead responsible for training the new staff.  “Sure, I’ll do it!”  The Spring Semester had just ended, so I gladly accepted the position until classes resumed in the fall. I was majoring in Operations Management and CM seemed like a great place to work until I completed college.  Before I knew what was happening, three years had passed and I advanced three more times in the shipping department.  At that point, the light bulb went on that CM was a great match for what I wanted in a future career.

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Meet Us Monday: John Falle

I am the president of CM Canada holdings Inc. I have had the privilege of being been part of this Creative Memories comeback story with Caleb and our remarkable St. Cloud team from the very beginning.  As a proud Canadian, it warms my heart to see the Canadian Advisers and Customers embracing the new Creative Memories. It is a pleasure to work with you every day to grow your businesses and spread our Mission in Canada.

I spend my time interacting with our Canadian Advisors, helping with photo or video shoots in Canada, meeting customers & helping organize events here at the office, liaising with Head Office on matters relating to our Canadian business and helping with any legal matters that come up: the most recent being the rules for our Where In The World Photo Contest.  At the beginning of August our Canadian team doubled in size when we welcomed Marja Deeth.  Marja has a background in scrapbooking, card making and social media as well as a passion for our Mission.  I am thrilled to have her onboard.

I have been married to my wife Rhonda for 26 years and I am the proud father of four daughters ranging in ages from 14 to 22. All are hail and healthy and embracing life which, as their father, is all I can possibly hope for.

Our lives are a fabric woven over time with the threads of experiences and journeys with faith, family, friends. Every fabric is unique and colorful.  A new thread entered the fabric of my life a few months ago when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I have chosen to share this for several reasons. Firstly, it is now part of who and what I am. Secondly, I know that many of you are experiencing things much more challenging then early stage Parkinson’s and I want you to know that you are not alone. It sounds like a cliché, but when you join the CM Community, you become part of a family.  Two years in, I’m still finding it quite remarkable.

Our Mission is all about celebrating the vibrant and colorful threads of life…be it the joy of a wedding or a beautifully lucid moment with a parent or spouse suffering with dementia. All are worth sharing, remembering, cherishing. What we do matters.  A lot!


John & Rhonda

Your Biz, Your Way.

Creative Memories Independent Advisor LogoCM Advisor Stefani Jones did a little digging for us to find out exactly how other Advisors run their businesses. We love the variety, the flexibility and the opportunity to make this business fit into anyone’s lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunity, visit our website. Thanks for such a great post, Stef!

*             *             *

It’s a Thursday afternoon. I’m wrapping up at my full-time job and texting tonight’s host to let her know how pumped I am to come teach a card class at her house in a few hours.

After I tie up some loose ends and log off my work email account, I’m looking through my card class checklist. I’ll get the supplies and tools I need, pack them into my car, and head out soon so I can help my host and her four guests create the cards I’ve designed using fantastic CM tools and papers. Click to read full post