Make the Patchwork Quilt Scrapbook Layout

Several years ago when my mom retired from her 20-year teaching career, she decided to make a ninety-degree change and become a student – learning quilting! She spent hours upon hours learning the process, techniques and stitching from an expert quilter from her church, and took on the time-consuming challenge of making thoughtful, personalized quilts for all four of her kids, as well as her grandkids.

She’s made me two patchwork quilts that I absolutely adore, one ballet-themed and one themed around my dogs, and they’re my favorite gifts from her. Today’s Patchwork Quilt Scrapbook Layout was inspired by my love of these quilts. Let’s take a look!

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How to Make Handmade Cards with The Daisy Bouquet Punch


Wondering what to do with your extra scraps from the Bee Mine collection? We have the perfect solution for you… make beautiful handmade greeting cards using the Daisy Bouquet Punch! If you don’t have this punch yet, you need to get it! It creates four unique daisy cutout designs (allĀ in just one punch!) that are perfect for handmade birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, spring greeting cards and more. So… want to see how to make this beautiful card in less than 10 steps? Let’s go!

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