Turning a Little Lamb Fast2Fab™ into a Maritime Fast2Fab™

Have you ever had an excess of products from one scrapbook collection but needed more supplies from another collection for the project you want to make? Or maybe you purchased a Fast2Fab™ album with the intent to make one kind of themed album but then it fell through and now you don’t know what to do? These aren’t solution-less problems! With a few modifications and a little bit of creativity, you can easily transform a Fast2Fab™ and make it work for a completely different theme. Check out how blog contributor Meg was able to take the Little Lamb Baby Boy Fast2Fab™ and turn it into a Maritime Fast2Fab™ in today’s post!

Blog Contributor Megs’s Inspiration:

I love the Fast2Fab™ albums and was sad that the Maritime collection didn’t come with Fast2Fab™ pages. Then, I started thinking that the cover would look good with the Little Lamb Baby Boy Fast2Fab™ pages. I had looked at those pages when they came out and thought they would work for lots of things in addition to babies. And it was true! With a few modifications, the Little Lamb Baby Boy Fast2Fab™ pages were perfect in the Maritime album for my family’s cruise vacation from Boston to Bermuda.

Layout Ideas by Meg Carpenter – CM Independent Advisor

To create these layouts you’ll need:

Here are a few ways to help turn your Little Lamb Baby Boy Fast2Fab™ pages into Maritime Fast2Fab™ pages!

  1. Creating a border to put at the bottom of the page.
  2. Wallpapering the whole page with a decorative piece of paper.
  3. Cutting strips of paper from the Maritime Paper Pack to cover up non-related icons such as the cows.
  4. Covering up any coloured elements that don’t fit your theme, such as the colours yellow or pink.
  5. Using stickers or mats to add little touches of Maritime feel to each page.






















See how easy that is? With inspiration, imagination and a little bit of ingenuity, your Fast2Fab™ pages can accommodate other themes! What do you like to do to add your own touch to your projects? And who is going to try this Fast2Fab™ idea? Let us know in the comments below!

Fast2Fab™ Mini Album Using the Super Duper Boy Collection!

Happy Friday to all of our creator friends! Today I have a really adorable Fast2Fab™ album that I used to scrapbook my little man, and if you’re a mother of boys, you are going to LOVE this collection! The minute I saw it I wanted it all… from the beautiful 8×8 foiled album to the stickers, patches, punches and papers. This collection covers everything that little boys love! So, are you ready to see?!

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Connecting Traditional Scrapbook Pages and Fast2Fab™ Pages

What is the fastest way to a fabulous, complete scrapbook album? Fast2Fabs™ Albums of course! If you haven’t tried them for yourself, you will want to take a look at this post to see how one of our contributors, Karen, creatively integrated traditional pages with Fast2Fab™ pages.

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Easy Steps to Design an Album


With New Year’s around the corner, it is time to start thinking out of the box! With traditional scrapbooking there is lots of creativity and fun!  What if we simplified things to get an extra album or two created in 2018?

I love the Fast2Fab™ albums for just that reason.  For that vacation or gift album that would be impossible to do along with my chronological albums so, I turn to the Fast2Fab™ albums!

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Imagine Then & Now Family Fun Book


Imagine. Love. Dreams. Wish. Family. Moments.

The words in the Imagine Laser Cut Embellishments speak to me. They make me want to gather my family close and reminisce over photos and memories, old and new.

Poring over a bunch of old, seemingly random photos the other day got me thinking about how connected everything in my life really is. The circle of life and all that. How fun would it be to create a little coffee table book, connecting the old with the new, Then and Now? What if I could pull it out when the family is gathered and journal memories in it as the photos are talked about and stories are remembered?

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Fancy Up Your Countryside Comfort Fast2Fabulous

Fast2Fab Albums have quickly become my favorite way to scrapbook! I love how quickly and easily the pages come together, helping me stay caught up on my projects. Plus, with the matching papers and embellishments, I can add a little personalization and flexibility to the printed pages. Sometimes I’ll keep it super simple with just my photos and journaling; other times I’ll have more fun with it, adding borders, titles and stickers to spice it up.

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Basic to Dressy Natural Elegance Fast2Fab Scrapbook Page Ideas

I love it that I can create an entire scrapbook album in just a few hours with Creative Memories Fast2Fab Predesigned Albums. I just adhere my photos to the pages, add some journaling and that’s it! It’s great when I want to finish an album quickly. The cool thing is that there are coordinating embellishments, stickers and papers available when I want to dress my pages up. Today I’m going to share two scrapbook layouts from the Natural Elegance Fast2Fab album with you. One basic layout and one dressed up version.


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Create The Perfect Wedding Guest Book With Creative Memories’ Natural Elegance Fast2Fab Album

With two weddings on my 2017 calendar, I’m already thinking about wedding shower gifts. My standard gift for a bride-to-be is a Creative Memories Fast2Fab album for the newlywed’s wedding and/or honeymoon photos. This time, though, I’m thinking of doing something a little different. Instead of handing each bride-to-be an unfinished scrapbook album, I plan to use their engagement photos to create the perfect wedding guest book. Creative Memories’ Natural Elegance Wedding Collection makes it so easy to create a guest book for your own wedding or to give as a gift.  Here are a few page ideas to get you started:


Start with your cover page, add a photo and use a Natural Elegance slide-in to create a message for the wedding guests from the bride and groom. Embellishments from the Natural Elegance Embellishments Pack and Natural Elegance Sticker Pack were added to dress up the page.


Be sure to leave plenty of room for guests to write in your guest book. For this layout, I used Cloud cardstock to mat one photo and to create a notched strip. I then added embellishments and stickers from the Natural Elegance Wedding Collection.


I added a Natural Elegance slide-in, another photo of the engaged couple and one sticker to this scrapbook layout. The rest of the pre-designed photo boxes were left empty for guests to write in.


Patterned paper from the Natural Elegance paper pack was used to mat the photos in this layout. Natural Elegance embellishments and stickers were used to dress it up. Again, there is plenty of space left for guests to write on.


Although three photos were used for this layout there is still plenty of room left for guests to add their sentiments.
Here’s what you’ll need to create the perfect wedding guest book:
There you go! Have fun creating your own wedding guest book!

Wedding Title Scrapbook Border Ideas


Wedding photos capture a beautiful moment in time. The way you arrange them in your album will help you share the love story in a simple, meaningful way.

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Fast2Fab Albums: The key to quick, easy and beautiful album completion!

Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album

For some folks, the thought of completing an entire scrapbook album can be overwhelming. Like, really overwhelming.

Enter the Fast2Fab Album. The hard work and planning is complete with these predesigned pages – simply add a little Tape Runner to your photos and in no time at all, you’ll have a completed photo album. See? Look how easy this looks:Creative Memories Fast2Fab Album

In fact, to see for myself just how incredibly quick and easy creating one of these scrapbook albums really can be, I brought my personal wedding photos to the office and sat down this afternoon with the It’s A Love Thing Fast2Fab Album. It’s just a few hours later and not only do I now have a completed wedding album, I was able to get a tiny bit creative and added in some extra bonus fun things to some of my pages and photos, too. Oh, and by the way – you may notice that my wedding colors were charcoal and sunflower yellow. The fact that I had an outdoor wedding made this album with a green color focus the perfect choice for me! The way it complements the greenery in the photos is totally amazing. Click to read full post